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pre-order: Midnight Force - Severan CD

pre-order: Midnight Force - Severan CD

Epic heavy metal from Scotland and Germany. The third album with the most refined material so far!

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Out 27th September

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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present MIDNIGHT FORCE’s highly anticipated third album, Severan, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Formed in 2016, Glasgow’s MIDNIGHT FORCE are a heavy metal band that set out to follow in the footsteps of their heroes of old – US heavy metal, the NWOBHM movement, and ‘70s rock – as well as inject some fresh blood into the genre they love so much.
MIDNIGHT FORCE released their full-length debut, Dunsinane, in 2018 to much critical acclaim. DYING VICTIMS would release the cassette version later that year, and the band went on to play Brofest in Newcastle as well as support slots for the likes of High Spirits, Riot, and Ross the Boss in Glasgow and Angel Witch, Savage Master, and Riot City in Germany. Continuing that momentum, MIDNIGHT FORCE performed at other such notable festivals as Harder Than Steel Festival, Hell over Hammaburg, and Echoes from the Labyrinth in Crete as well as tours in Germany, Ireland, and the UK and shows in Paris, Athens, Marseille, and Madrid.

In October 2019, MIDNIGHT FORCE released their second album, Gododdin. Taking the elements of Dunsinane further – songwriting both heroic and melancholic (and even a bit folksy at times), hot-rockin’ execution to push that bravado further, and a rustic atmosphere equally 1970s and medieval – Gododdin was exactly the sophomore record MIDNIGHT FORCE needed to both expand and focus their ancient aesthetic. Olde Worlde Heavy Metal this was, based on historical lore and myth: in many ways, the band had arrived.
After a two-year hiatus induced by restrictions on international travel and live shows, MIDNIGHT FORCE released a new single in September 2022 and returned to the stage. Meanwhile, the seeds of their third album were being planted – and at long last, they’ve blossomed into Severan. Bristling with energy somehow stoic and patient, fit to burst but brewing dark thoughts, Severan sees MIDNIGHT FORCE truly taking their influences into a realm entirely their own. Totaling nine songs across 46 minutes, Severan sounds HUGE yet intimate. Its scope is again historical, the songwriting hits frantic peaks and stern valleys, the execution is even sharper whilst evincing old-school grit, and their characteristic atmosphere is OLDER than ever. Indeed, MIDNIGHT FORCE are engagingly earnest in their sonic campaign – true metal never dies and lives eternally, unfazed by time and trends, and its champions carry a great weight upon their shoulders of leather & steel – but above all, the aesthetic signposts is superlative songwriting, and this Scottish-German band have delivered their most refined set of songs to date. Severan is transportive to the extreme!

Five years in the making, MIDNIGHT FORCE’s Severan has arrived bearing banners of ancient metal myth & magick. Raise your swords and shields, those whose hearts beat True!

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