BOUNDLESS CHAOS - Sinister Upheaval LP Special edition

This debut album is a ravaging onslaught of uncompromising death/thrash.

Special edition LP on white vinyl, with

  • insert
  • poster
  • sticker
  • post card
  • woven patch
  • download code

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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present BOUNDLESS CHAOS’ highly anticipated debut album, Sinister Upheaval, on CD and vinyl LP formats.
Hailing from Germany, the land ever brimming with ancient thrash metals, BOUNDLESS CHAOS was begotten in the year of 2017 when M.F., P.K, T.B., and M.J. heaved bloody deathrash straight up from the ashes of hellfire. With a brutal barrage of drums, slashing guitars, and throbbing bass-lines, they unapologetically worship the sound of the old. In 2019, E.M. completed the force. Now whole, BOUNDLESS CHAOS have been spitting the hellish gospel of chaos, upheaval, fire, and antifascism across an EP in 2020 and then two splits in 2020 – one with Idle Ruin, the second with fellow Germans Reign in Blood.
Still, the best was yet to come, and it’s now arrived in BOUNDLESS CHAOS’ debut album, Sinister Upheaval. Aptly titled, Sinister Upheaval is a ravaging onslaught of deathened thrash built upon a blazing foundation of early Dark Angel, Possessed, Texas’ Devastation, Sepultura’s Schizophrenia, and of course, Sodom’s Persecution Mania (and even Agent Orange!). Here, BOUNDLESS CHAOS stick to their tried ‘n’ true formula, but simply maximize the muscle and tighten the execution; when graced with a well-rounded (yet requisitely dirty) production, the result is nothing short of powerful. And adding to the CHAOS is Malte Gericke (Sijjin, ex-Necros Christos), who does guest vocals on “Guillotine.” No gimmicks, no modernity, no non-metal influences – just straightforward & straight-ahead THRASH METAL from the unholy years of 1986 and ’87, torched to a crisp, and set to conflagrate YOU!


Technische Daten

  • Death Metal
    Thrash Metal