Dying Victims Vol. 1 - Power Thrashing Death CD

A collection of 5 Demos/Eps, originally only on tape through Dying Victims. Death, Speed, Thrash, Black Metal.

Comes with sticker.

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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the first installation of its new compilation series, on CD format.

Aptly titled “Power Thrashing Death”, this CD contains (sold out) demos/eps by 5 of the most ravaging Speed/Thrash/Death metal acts on the label. All of these have so far been available only on cassette tape and are now unleashed onto a broader mass. Featured bands are Austria’s Death Racer with their first demo “Qualifying” (Black/Speed), Chile’s Hellpossession with their latest demo “Phantom Aggressor” (Black/Thrash/Speed), USA’s Reaver with their debut demo “Butchery from Beyond!” (Death), France’s Savagery with their first ep “Off the Ruins…” (Speed/Thrash) as well as Germany’s Terok Nor with their debut ep “Rematerialization Fails” (Death/Thrash).

A total of 19 tracks – almost 70 minutes of Power Thrashing Death!


Technische Daten

  • Black Metal
    Death Metal
    Speed Metal
    Thrash Metal