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SEXMAG - Żelazna Dziewica MC

SEXMAG - Żelazna Dziewica MC

Three new tracks of filthy, ancient black/speed/thrash metal mania. Album advance demo.

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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SEXMAG’S new demo “Żelazna Dziewica” on music cassette format.  

After stirring heavily in the underground cauldron with their debut mini-Album “Sex Metal” in 2021, the Silesian four-piece is back with a new demo. The 3-track advance tape to next year’s full length album introduces the listener to the story of the ancient Sumerian king Zamus The Third while the music has turned even more evil and possessed than before: a filthy and merciless mixture of ancient black, speed and thrash metal. 

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  • Black metal
    Speed metal
    Thrash metal